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About Us:

    Goodworkers sp. z o.o. is a construction company with massive experience in Scandinavian residential projects, also we are providing employee leasing services for this particular branch.
    From the beginning Goodworkers sp. z o.o. specializes in residential projects. We perform a number of works related to core & shell stage, finishing works, plumbing, ventilation and electrical.

    Quality of services our company provides experience in the construction industry. We performed and continue to perform construction projects in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, and France. We worked as a contractor in the construction of housing complex in Poland.

    Our company fullfills the polish and european standards and we are always prepared to adapt for new challenges and requirements in any particular country. From 2012, our company also have met NATO requirements, which is guaranteed by our NCAGE certificate number 2283H.

    We do all the work of construction and refurbishment both inside and outside of buildings. The company has the experience necessary for the rapid and careful implementation of the projects. Our advantage in the realisation of orders is extensive database of employees and candidates for employees, as well as qualified and experienced team of our permanent employees.

    At the moment our page is under redevelopment, because of that we are applying companies interested in our services to contact directly to appropriate department.

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