We build long-lasting business relationships

You raise your company like a building.

You fight for each and every brick. Just like us, you value a strong foundation and stable walls, and you’re constantly aiming higher. We know how important the details are to your vision. Every employee is a brick in your company and we’ll help you select the best ones!

Just what you’re looking for

Our first step is to understand what your needs and business goals are. That’s why we can be sure that our proposed workers are exactly what you need. We work in accordance with a tried and tested recruitment process that we’ve developed by ourselves through years of work. When we send you a candidate, we’re sure that he or she possesses the exact experience and qualifications that you require and that he or she is a perfect fit for your company!

We cut costs

Working with us lets you cut costs connected to hires, taxes and salaries. You’re able to control the amount of employee in your company with ease and flexibility while at the same time keeping costs in check.


Our qualifications

We are the only company in Poland that works in accordance to NATO standards. We have been registered with the Military Centre of Standardization, Quality and Codification since 2012 with the NCAGE-number: 2283H. We fulfil the requirements of both Poland and the rest of Europe. We always adapt to the rules and laws of the country we work in. Your business is in great hands!

We’ll do it for you

Free yourself from formalities, gain time for greater and more important challenges. Le tour experienced team take care of recruitment, medical examinations as well as taxes and insurance. Most importantly, you do not have to keep a ledger of employees anymore – that’s convenient!


Even though we know our way around most industries we mostly work with companies in construction and production. We have also successfully recruited in the hotel- and elderly care-industries.